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Professional brand creation
Six major advantages
Cable tray products
The company was founded more than and 10 years, has become one of the cable tray factory with considerable scale and influence in East China and the whole country area.
Three side turn advantage
Our company three side using a new patented technology: rolling friction transmission system and transmission system on the market, compared to drive, 90%, reduce the friction coefficient of 70% energy, extend the life of 80%, noise is reduced by 60%, running more smoothly, more smooth picture.
Perfect after sales service
Do a good job in guiding the use of timely after-sales service, all the pursuit of high quality, high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of.
Vacuum contactor advantage
The use of advanced German technology, improve the testing quality assurance system, the main components imported, the control module for patent protection.
Efficient R & D team
The company's R & D team, the use of international R & D team model, focusing on the introduction of international high-tech achievements, docking technology.
Sound technology and brand support
Professional team within 24 hours of troubleshooting. Customer service service team to assist the division, no worries.
Provide the most satisfactory products and services
To ensure that the user received the phone after failure,
24 hours to the scene,and within 24 hours to solve the problem.If the fault has not been completed, the service engineer can not leave the scene.
Their trust, our strength
    Your choice is our honor
    Shandong Boneng Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd. is a Tengzhou high-tech enterprise of science and technology, scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation, industry and trade as one, specializing in the production of cable tray, high voltage vacuum contactor, vacuum breaker, vacuum load switch, busbar, electrical cabinet, plastic bag hose, metal hose and many other products. Widely used in electric power, iron and steel metallurgy, paper making, installation of rubber, chemical, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, machinery...